Dramatically improve your coding ability through Code Katas

Look, it should surprise absolutely no one that practice makes perfect when it comes to coding – just the same way that practice makes perfect in pretty much any other skill that you are trying to master.

At the same time, because the learning curve for programming is anything but linear. Most folks usually start off really struggling before they skyrocket to entirely new levels and heights of coding without even realizing why they made the leap. A lot of folks have no real idea of how to best practice their coding skills – which is why making the jump is often so challenging.

Thankfully though, with the help of Code Katas, you are going to be able to dramatically transform your ability to rapidly grasp new programming languages, skills, and approaches all while moving through a systematic program to improve your abilities as a coder in general.

If you’ve ever wanted to practice your skills, expand your talent and your foundational grasp of a specific programming language, or just want to create razor-sharp abilities while coding, Code Katas are definitely going to be right up your alley.

Here’s how to take advantage of everything that Code Katas have to offer!

Code Katas allow you to start at the start

The coolest thing about new Code Katas is that, by their very definition, they allow you to start at the start.

This may seem like a fundamental basis of learning any new programming language – or any new skill whatsoever, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The overwhelming majority of developers out there inevitably have to begin their coding careers as maintainers of code that has already been written by someone else – and that’s nowhere to start when you’re trying to learn or trying to practice.

Code Katas allow you to start new “test projects” with strict guidelines right from the start, encouraging you to begin at the beginning so that you can start from scratch and see where your strengths and weaknesses are without relying on the crutch of a previous programmer.

Code Katas focus on the fundamentals

Another really cool advantage of Code Katas is that they compel you to utilize the fundamentals and the basics of a particular programming language, almost forcing you to use the basics so that you become really strong here before you start to expand and develop some of the more fringe aspects of these languages.

Too many people tried to prematurely optimize their skills and abilities, looking for flash as opposed to substance and not building their entire career on the back of a rock solid fundamental foundation. By mastering the fundamentals through the help of cracker, you’re going to have a much better base to work off of, but you’ll also be able to master new programming languages just because the basics of ALL coding will have been hardwired into your brain.

There are tremendous insights that you’ll only ever be able to leverage after you have mastered the basics. It’s easy to understand why all professional athletes focus so much on becoming razor-sharp in the fundamentals of their sport and their position rather than practicing razzle-dazzle approaches that they might never use in the big game.

Code Katas help to expand your horizons

A lot of programmers – regardless of whether or not they are rookies or veterans – have spoken about the benefit of Code Katas when it comes to expanding their horizons as programmers. Pushing them to try and produce programs they may have never created before, making them think about projects in ways that they wouldn’t have previously, and encouraging them to experiment and “color outside the lines” which will always be beneficial.

When you get into your comfort zone (as a coder or in any other field) it is almost too easy to fall into the same kind of routine, the same kind of thought process, and the same kind of repetitive approach. By using Code Katas to expand your horizons, you will never have to worry about pitfalls of this nature ever again.

Closing thoughts

At the end of the day, the advantages available from Code Katas should be immediately apparent to anyone serious about coding. This is the kind of approach that can transform your abilities dramatically, giving you the kind of command over programming languages that you need to succeed today.

Take full advantage of these tools, this systematic approach to practice, and you’ll never again have to worry about whether or not you are progressing as quickly or as efficiently as a coder as you had hoped to.

There are plenty of free Code Katas like Coding Dojo that you will be able to dive right into today to test your skills and build up your practice routines!


Why are self taught developers are the new hot trend of 2017?

Web development is one of the biggest growing industries in the economy today, and while you might think that you have to spend a ton of money going to college and learning all that you need to know, there is a much better option that will cost a lot less.

Teach yourself what you need to know about web development. I know all the various programming languages can be intimidating, but don’t let them scare you away from this opportunity.

Why should you teach yourself?

Keep in mind just how fast the tech industry is changing. Every day there are new things to learn and options for web design. Even if you went to college with the top tech people as your professors, you would still be so far behind the curve by the time that you got out of school that you would need to start learning all over again.

This is because when a professor develops a curriculum, it is based on the information at that time. So at the end of a semester, the lesson plan is a good 3 months behind the industry. Just because you don’t know anything about coding or web development doesn’t mean that you can’t make this work out for you. Just take a look at the following steps, and you will be well on your way.

What do you need to know about the tech industry?

Technology is the means to change the world. That is why so many people are learning programming skills and changing their career paths. IT jobs are projected to be growing at 22 percent into 2020 and that provides plenty o opportunities for the right people to take advantage of these options.

There are more opportunities than there are people to take them on. It can certainly be overwhelming to look at all the programming languages but just focus on the best and most important ones.

Take advantage of your online resources

Do you have time to pursue a degree program? Do you really want to spend all that money for information you can find online (you can also look at something we call books as well)?

Look up some information on how to use a programming language so that you can try it out and start practicing it. Also, you can look into free online courses from MIT, Harvard, and Stanford for additional resources.

Focus first on the fundamentals of the process. Learn about the working process of your computer. Start with some of the basic languages like CSS and HTML. These will help you get going in the process.

Keep on learning and practicing

Now that you have started the process keep expanding your knowledge. There is always something new to learn, and you want to keep growing your knowledge. Great detail is that the more that you learn about coding, the better you will understand what you are doing which makes it easier to improve your skills.

Analyze the code of various programs and web sites so that you can see what they are doing to make their processes work. Now try to write it yourself. Don’t be afraid to copy it because you are just practicing. The more you do a thing, the better you will be at it.

Dig into various books and tutorials as you develop your skills so that you can see how you solve a problem compared to an instructor.

Programs are problem-solving models

When you make a program, you are helping the emotionless computer understand how to make a process work. It won’t know the benefits or experiences of the users. It is just using your program to solve the problem that you created.

If you are trying to create a larger program or app, then break that more significant segment into smaller chunks, making sure that your code is logical enough for the computer to understand correctly.

Find online communities like Stack Overflow where you can interact with other developers and reach out for advice on solving various problems. This will help you develop the skills you need to search for bugs and fix them.

Even with a community, you will need to work on some programming on your own so that you can develop your own confidence and skills.

What do you have to be afraid of?

Are you worried about not being good enough? No matter how long you work in programming and development, you will still not be able to know everything there is out there to know.

Don’t let that inability to keep you from being confident. Make connections with people who are also learning to program and interact with them so you can keep up to date on all the latest information.

Take your confidence to the next level

When you find yourself becoming comfortable with the technology you are working with, start working on something significant. Start to work on some projects for yourself or reach out to people looking for some web development.

Build a game that players can use for hours of enjoyment. Whatever you are working on, make sure that it s a project that you can be proud of and shows the skills you have developed in your path to becoming a web developer.

Are there down sides to teaching myself?

When you teach yourself anything, then you are providing the motivation and the structure for the course. And this can be perfect for the right person, but you need to keep yourself motivated.

You will be using your own free time to learn these skills and sometimes it is easier just to relax or do something that is more fun than practicing coding. Without a teacher, you will have to develop your own training schedules as well as find the answers to the questions that you are asking yourself.

This can be a positive and a negative because you have to find the motivation within yourself to make this process work correctly. But when you are teaching yourself, you will be able to focus more on getting that process right.

If you are trying a process on your own, you will often have to try it several times to find the solution as opposed to the situation with an instructor that would probably give you the right answer after a couple of tries. Going that extra step will help you to become a better programmer.

If you are interested in starting, why not follow the early steps in this guide. Start exploring the world of coding and see if it will work out for you to become a self-taught developer. You may find yourself loving it and become a great developer.

The things I wish I knew when I was learning how to code

Learning how to code is never simple or straightforward, which is exactly why you need to make sure that you leverage the experiences of others as much as possible to shortcut the process and actually learn from their mistakes.

To help you do exactly that, I’ve put together a quick breakdown of all the things I wish I knew before I started to program and code to help you “leapfrog” over a lot of other rookie programmers and dive into the meat and potatoes of everything that coding has to offer.

Let’s dive right in!

No matter what, you are already a real developer

The minute that you decide to begin learning how to code is officially the moment that you become a real developer, and it’s important that you try and ingrain this kind of mentality just as quickly as humanly possible.

This is the approach that is going to give you the kinds of confidence you need to succeed when things get rough. The kind of motivation you need to push through early stumbling blocks, and the kind of courage you need to stand up to the rest of the world and share with them whatever it is you have been able to create. No matter how insignificant that may feel at first.

Work on programs that you love and are passionate for

It’s easy to kind of start off creating things just because that’s what other people tell you that you have to code at the beginning, but if you don’t have a passion for projects you do then you’re never going to push past the early struggles that all new programmers deal with.

Try and create applications to your strengths and your more than anything else or you are going to be setting yourself behind the eight ball right out of the gate.

Learning this skill is easier than most people make it out to be

Right out of the gate, learning how to program is always going to seem a little bit daunting and a little bit more challenging than it probably is – but that’s true of pretty much any skill that you are picking up for the very first time.

The first time that you tried to ride a bike, it likely seemed like an almost impossible task, the same way that the first time you tried to tie your shoes looked like a mountain too high to climb. Eventually though – and much faster than you probably thought – you had both skills mastered and you were off to the races.

The same goes for programming.

Build your network as you build your skills

Coding can be pretty lonely, as it is the kind of work that most people do all on their own tucked away in the corner somewhere. At the same time though, your network is going to help you skyrocket your success, not just as far as your technical skills are concerned but also as far as your career skills are concerned as well.

By building of your network early in the game, you’ll be setting yourself up for success across the board. You’ll have other professionals you can lean on to help you out come other professionals you can troubleshoot with, and other professionals you can turn to when you need advice.

You don’t have to do this alone!

Don’t try to be perfect all the time

Obviously, you’re going to want to create clean, organized, and efficient code that works the way that you intend to. But if you’re always striving for perfection before you launch you’ll never end up producing anything that you actually share with the world.

By all means take the time to get things right and always set out with a mindset of trying to achieve perfection, understanding all the while that the odds are good you’ll never get there and that sometimes it’s okay just to ship it!

Utilize these tips and tricks when you are starting out as a programmer, and you’ll be in a position to create real success much faster than your peers.


Learn coding now to get a job in a decade

People in business today look up to role models such as Elon Musk and Steve Jobs. These individuals have shaped the behavior of people all over the world through their technological advancements.

Things such as the iPhone, PayPal, and Tesla are used and appreciated every day. What ties all of these role models together is that they know how to code. For example, Elon Musk wrote his first video game when he was only 12 and was able to sell it for $500.

Core Skill: Coding

Coding is essential to day-to-day work or even running a business. Mark Zuckerberg probably isn’t coding every day when he goes to work, but he is managing people who do. All of the skills that he has learned are necessary to managing his employees’ work and coming up with new ideas for his company.

Most people in tech work alongside coders in their jobs, even if they aren’t actually coding each day. Coding is no longer something that only specialists know how to do – it’s a core skill that impacts industries like healthcare, engineering, finance, and even science.

For example, the fashion industry has embraced wearable technology such as the Fitbit or smartwatches. As time passes, though, there will be more smart clothing that can do even more things. Your shirt may track your workout, call a taxi, or even monitor your health.

As technology becomes more and more a part of our everyday lives, it’s important to stay relevant. Students who can code will be able to communicate with specialists and work on tech all while needing a lot less training than others who can’t code.

Tech-Focused Trends are the Future

While the jobs that our children have may not have even been invented yet, it’s easy to see why coding will play such a huge role in the future. Only paying attention to all of the new technologies that keep popping up now will give us a glimpse of jobs available in the future. Trends in Artificial Intelligence and Wearable Technology will require coding skills to get a job and be successful.

Even traditional jobs such as financial trading and manufacturing are facing the risk of Artificial Intelligence. As AI becomes more and more advanced, people will see their jobs going to computers. AI is learning how to do day-to-day tasks for jobs like lawyers, meaning that more and more jobs will be obsolete.

Reading about AI may make you concerned about your future and your ability to have a career, but you shouldn’t worry. As long as you know how to code you will be able to find a job. You can learn online from free tools and then apply that knowledge to your career.

It’s never too late for you to learn how to code

Not everybody understands just how important coding really is. When you code, you create things that people all over the world will see. You can change people’s behavior, how they think and even how they interact with the people around them.

This is incredible and an amazing superpower to have! While it is accessible to everyone, some people think that they can’t ever code. It comes across as super technical and can be a turn-off to people who think that they weren’t born either smart enough or fortunate enough to learn how to code.

While taking computer science courses when you are in high school is a great way to be introduced to coding, many people don’t know a thing about coding until they are in college. After college, however, people start to think that they are way too old to learn this skill.

People know that coding is a great way to advance their career and to open up opportunities, but feel like learning to code is too technical for them. What they don’t realize is that it is never too late to learn how to code.

It’s easy to write off learning a new skill as being too hard or you being too old, but the truth of the matter is that anyone can learn how to code at any age. While it is true that there will always be someone around who has more experience, or is fresh out of school with updated skills, or has been doing this since elementary school, you should not let that stop you from learning.

If you have been thinking that you wish you knew how to code but aren’t sure if you are able or should take the time, there are a few things for you to consider.

Coding is hard

Every new skill that we work on gaining is tough to do at first and will get easier as time goes on. Coding is no exception to this. While there will be some people who are more naturally inclined to logical thinking, everyone can learn how to code with enough patience and work.

While it’s not true that people who code are any smarter than you or the average person, people with this skill don’t mind you perpetuating this opinion. There is nothing like a good ego stroke, after all. Don’t sell yourself short – with some hard work you can be part of this elite group as well.

Get ready for roadblocks

While it’s easy to blame things going wrong on being cursed or being inept, the truth is that there are often huge discrepancies with versions of software, user operating systems, etc. All of these differences and different combinations can mean that something will go wrong.

The sooner you realize that not everything fails because of your skill, or lack thereof, the sooner you will enjoy learning how to code and understand more about this valuable skill.

Is it fun?

For a moment you need to stop thinking about how hard it is to code. Do you think that it’s fun when it all works out?

After spending hours trying to work on a particularly difficult bit of code that finally does what you want it to, do you feel like celebrating and enjoy the rush that you get?

Are you constantly looking for a way to find a few more hours to work on a hard project?

If you are answering “yes” to these questions, then coding may be something you really do enjoy, no matter how hard it is. Don’t worry so much about comparing yourself to others – make sure that you enjoy what you are doing.

While there are tons of available options online for you to teach yourself how to code, one great option is Stanford. They have free online access to some CS courses, including a trio of introductory classes. Start learning today!

Here’s how to choose the programming language you should focus on learning

The ability to program and code used to be a very niche skill that only those serious about technology ever even attempted to learn, but nothing could be further from the truth today.

Programming is quickly becoming a “must-have” skill for almost any serious professional career and field, the kind of baseline competence and ability that employers all over the world – and across all career spectrums – are anticipating their new hires to bring to the table.

Steve Jobs himself recommended that everyone learn how to code and program a computer, mostly because it forces those going through this kind of education to learn how to think. It teaches you how to systemize, how to compartmentalize, and how to efficiently design systems that work smarter rather than harder.

Of course, with so many different programming languages out there it becomes a real challenge to focus on just one or even just a small handful of programming languages. Languages are always changing or dying off as well, so you want to be sure that you try and choose as future proof a programming language as possible.

Here are some tips, tricks, and a little bit of inside information as well as insight to help you improve your odds as a programmer moving forward!

How are you going to use the skills going forward?

If you are only somewhat serious about a career in programming and in coding, you’re going to want to make sure that you learn Python and C++, as well as JavaScript, PHP, and a couple of other programming languages that work nearly across the board in a variety of different applications. This will provide you with the bedrock foundation you need to build your programming career off of, while also allowing you to take lessons you learned from these fundamental programming languages and apply them to others.

If you’re focused on the money, go for specific programming languages

If on the other hand, you are deadly serious about a career in the world of programming you need to study Ruby, Python, and Matlab – and that’s just the beginning. You’ll also need to dive deep into all of the different forks of these languages, how to use these languages in many unusual settings and situations, and how to leverage these languages with other programming languages to create new and inventive solutions that no one else has even considered.

This is where big money is when it comes to programming and coding, and those that master these advanced languages are going to have the pick of the litter when it comes to career opportunities and chances to branch out on their own.