Hey there! I’m Michele Rodgers, the creator of Just Enough Blog. I am an entirely self-taught software developer, with a lot left to learn–and in teaching myself tech skills, I uncovered a passion for teaching others.

Since I began obtaining relevant digital skills, I’ve been able to earn more money, pursue things that I care about, and, ultimately, enjoy freedom and flexibility.

The rise of a self-taught programmer

With so many resources online it has been easier than ever to learn to code and start a career as a coder.

Though it doesn’t mean it is easy. To learn on your own, you need to be extremely motivated. No one will push you or force you to learn. There is no upcoming exam.

But those who put in the hard work will reap the benefits of the rewarding career as software developers.

This blog is dedicated to all of those who are learning to code on your own and have a burning desire to become programmers.

Building a community

Though you are learning to code by yourself and from the comfort of your home, it doesn’t mean that you have to be completely on your own.

It is very beneficial to share your experiences with others. Ask questions and get support. Get motivated when the going gets tough (and it will be inevitable).

So my aim is to build a small community who would help each other reach their goals.

So be active in the comments, share your thoughts and good luck on your journey!