Dramatically improve your coding ability through Code Katas

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Look, it should surprise absolutely no one that practice makes perfect when it comes to coding – just the same way that practice makes perfect in pretty much any other skill that you are trying to master.

At the same time, because the learning curve for programming is anything but linear. Most folks usually start off really struggling before they skyrocket to entirely new levels and heights of coding without even realizing why they made the leap. A lot of folks have no real idea of how to best practice their coding skills – which is why making the jump is often so challenging.

Thankfully though, with the help of Code Katas, you are going to be able to dramatically transform your ability to rapidly grasp new programming languages, skills, and approaches all while moving through a systematic program to improve your abilities as a coder in general.

If you’ve ever wanted to practice your skills, expand your talent and your foundational grasp of a specific programming language, or just want to create razor-sharp abilities while coding, Code Katas are definitely going to be right up your alley.

Here’s how to take advantage of everything that Code Katas have to offer!

Code Katas allow you to start at the start

The coolest thing about new Code Katas is that, by their very definition, they allow you to start at the start.

This may seem like a fundamental basis of learning any new programming language – or any new skill whatsoever, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The overwhelming majority of developers out there inevitably have to begin their coding careers as maintainers of code that has already been written by someone else – and that’s nowhere to start when you’re trying to learn or trying to practice.

Code Katas allow you to start new “test projects” with strict guidelines right from the start, encouraging you to begin at the beginning so that you can start from scratch and see where your strengths and weaknesses are without relying on the crutch of a previous programmer.

Code Katas focus on the fundamentals

Another really cool advantage of Code Katas is that they compel you to utilize the fundamentals and the basics of a particular programming language, almost forcing you to use the basics so that you become really strong here before you start to expand and develop some of the more fringe aspects of these languages.

Too many people tried to prematurely optimize their skills and abilities, looking for flash as opposed to substance and not building their entire career on the back of a rock solid fundamental foundation. By mastering the fundamentals through the help of cracker, you’re going to have a much better base to work off of, but you’ll also be able to master new programming languages just because the basics of ALL coding will have been hardwired into your brain.

There are tremendous insights that you’ll only ever be able to leverage after you have mastered the basics. It’s easy to understand why all professional athletes focus so much on becoming razor-sharp in the fundamentals of their sport and their position rather than practicing razzle-dazzle approaches that they might never use in the big game.

Code Katas help to expand your horizons

A lot of programmers – regardless of whether or not they are rookies or veterans – have spoken about the benefit of Code Katas when it comes to expanding their horizons as programmers. Pushing them to try and produce programs they may have never created before, making them think about projects in ways that they wouldn’t have previously, and encouraging them to experiment and “color outside the lines” which will always be beneficial.

When you get into your comfort zone (as a coder or in any other field) it is almost too easy to fall into the same kind of routine, the same kind of thought process, and the same kind of repetitive approach. By using Code Katas to expand your horizons, you will never have to worry about pitfalls of this nature ever again.

Closing thoughts

At the end of the day, the advantages available from Code Katas should be immediately apparent to anyone serious about coding. This is the kind of approach that can transform your abilities dramatically, giving you the kind of command over programming languages that you need to succeed today.

Take full advantage of these tools, this systematic approach to practice, and you’ll never again have to worry about whether or not you are progressing as quickly or as efficiently as a coder as you had hoped to.

There are plenty of free Code Katas like Coding Dojo that you will be able to dive right into today to test your skills and build up your practice routines!


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