Learn coding now to get a job in a decade

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People in business today look up to role models such as Elon Musk and Steve Jobs. These individuals have shaped the behavior of people all over the world through their technological advancements.

Things such as the iPhone, PayPal, and Tesla are used and appreciated every day. What ties all of these role models together is that they know how to code. For example, Elon Musk wrote his first video game when he was only 12 and was able to sell it for $500.

Core Skill: Coding

Coding is essential to day-to-day work or even running a business. Mark Zuckerberg probably isn’t coding every day when he goes to work, but he is managing people who do. All of the skills that he has learned are necessary to managing his employees’ work and coming up with new ideas for his company.

Most people in tech work alongside coders in their jobs, even if they aren’t actually coding each day. Coding is no longer something that only specialists know how to do – it’s a core skill that impacts industries like healthcare, engineering, finance, and even science.

For example, the fashion industry has embraced wearable technology such as the Fitbit or smartwatches. As time passes, though, there will be more smart clothing that can do even more things. Your shirt may track your workout, call a taxi, or even monitor your health.

As technology becomes more and more a part of our everyday lives, it’s important to stay relevant. Students who can code will be able to communicate with specialists and work on tech all while needing a lot less training than others who can’t code.

Tech-Focused Trends are the Future

While the jobs that our children have may not have even been invented yet, it’s easy to see why coding will play such a huge role in the future. Only paying attention to all of the new technologies that keep popping up now will give us a glimpse of jobs available in the future. Trends in Artificial Intelligence and Wearable Technology will require coding skills to get a job and be successful.

Even traditional jobs such as financial trading and manufacturing are facing the risk of Artificial Intelligence. As AI becomes more and more advanced, people will see their jobs going to computers. AI is learning how to do day-to-day tasks for jobs like lawyers, meaning that more and more jobs will be obsolete.

Reading about AI may make you concerned about your future and your ability to have a career, but you shouldn’t worry. As long as you know how to code you will be able to find a job. You can learn online from free tools and then apply that knowledge to your career.

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